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Sewer Cleaning

Sewer Cleaning

In St. Louis Missouri metro area its common for sewer line made with clay-tile sewer lines to back-up from tree roots growing into the line and its highly recommended to have your sewer & drain lines cabled out to help prevent a clog from forming and thats when you need a highly skilled sewer specialist that you can call and count on to help.

Sewer Cleaning St. Louis Mo

Able Rooter Sewer Cleaning St. Louis

When it comes to having your sewer backed up into your home you want someone with the experience that it takes to remove the clog from your sewer line to restore the sewer service to your home as professional and fast as they can to help prevent damage to your home from the sewer backing up.

“St. Louis favorite Sewer Plumbing Company.”

We know that no homeowner ever wants to deal with a backed up sewer so thats why we have state or the art equipment in the sewer cleaning industry to get you back to your everyday normal life quickly.Thats when Able Rooter should come to mind we have 13 years of experience in the sewer clog industry with lots of repeat and happy customers all over the st. louis area our techs have years in the field experience that will take care of your problem fast with outstanding customer service and respect for your property.

Prevent the sewer problems before they start

The first signs of your sewer is backed up is when your floor drain is backing up when you take a shower or when you flush your toilet and it comes back up in your floor drain,and if you have a home on a slab foundation you can tell when your sewer is backed up because when you flush your toilet it will either not go down or it will come back up into your bathtub or if the home has a floor drain it will come up there as well depending on where the clog is.

Sewer Cleaning

Know your sewers biggest threats

The most common things to clog your sewer and cause a backup in your home is tree roots growing into your sewer if you have a older home with clay-tile sewer line annual cleaning or your sewer line is recommended in this case,and if things are going down the toilet and drains that should not such as disposal wipes, grease, female products and paper towels they can cause a problem on any home no matter the age so just be careful what goes into or down your drains.

Types of Sewer Cleaning

When you think about your sewer drain being clogged or backed up most folks just scramble to get someone out not thinking about all the different types of ways their homes may need to be services.  Here is some information that may help in deciding which sewer cleaner you want to use.

Type of Sewer Cleaning


Roof Vent Access

Drain vent cabling from on top of the roof to access clog inaccessible in other ways

Sewer Clean Out Access

Cabling through the clean out usually found in the yard between the house and street

Lateral Line Blockage

Clogged laterals from roots get unclogged via rooter cable cutting blades

Kitchen Sink Trap

Clogs in kitchen sinks can be accessed through the trap or the roof if required

Bathroom tub Overflow

Clogs in bath tub’s are access through the tub’s overflow or the basement stack

Bathroom Sink Trap

Clogs in bathroom sinks can be accessed through the trap or the  roof if possible

Main Sewer Stack Clogged

Basement sewer access can be accessed through the trap or the roof if required

Laundry Stack Clogs

Clogs in laundry stacks are accessed through the roof, basement stack or trap

Floor Drain Back Up

Cabling the floor drain to the mail line proper drain cleaning equipment required

Sewer Cleaning Prices

There are different ways to clean your backed up sewer line it all depends on the access and where its clogged.

  • From outside cleanout to access sewer line if there is one

  • From clean out on main stack to access sewer line if its exposed

  • From roof vent to access sewer line

  • Sometimes there will be a clean out in the floor as well to give access to the sewer line and you can also pull toilet and gain access to sewer line there as well

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