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St. Louis Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Service provided by Drain Cleaning Professionals

Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Company in St. Louis - Locally Owned - Faster & Cheaper than the "other" Rooter for Hydro Jetting, Water Jetting & Plumbing Service of all kinds!

Sewer Pipe Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Services Provided by Able Rooter

  • Fastest Response Times in St.Louis Area

  • Clog Removal & Drain Cleaning

  • Pipe Repair & Replacement

  • Hydro Jetting / Water Jetting

  • Water Service Repair & Replacement

  • Residential Plumbing Camera Inspections

  • Professional and Courteous

  • Environmentally Safe Clog Removing Products

  • 24/7 Emergency Plumbing & Drain Service Available

It's once in a blue moon that your main line sewer pipe backs up and floods your basement. Typically you smell a backup before you see it. A flooded basement is not what you want to walk into. This is not a situation that you plan for and it's reasonable to seek help from a professional sewer & drain cleaning service. Able Rooter Sewer & Drain Cleaning understands the stress and headache that comes with troublesome drain & sewer problems. It's been our companies experience theres really no drain clog we can't handle. Clogged Drains if cleared right will return your homes outflow to it's original force.

Signs you have impending drain trouble and need to have your drain or sewer hydro flushed

When you are taking a shower and you notice that your feet are submerged in dirty water due to the fact that the drain is not allowing the water to drain properly. This is a very common sign you should call to have your drained serviced and cleaned the right way so that you can enjoy taking a clean shower without experiencing residue left by standing water.

Drain Jetter Hydro Flush St. Louis

If you run your kitchen or bathroom sink and another sink in your home becomes dirty or filled with grey water this means you are experiencing restricted flow in your drain pipe and that your drains should be serviced. If you brush your teeth in the bathroom sink and you notice the sink is dirty due to the water not draining with the proper velocity so that it's creating standing water and a dirty residue around the sink. In any of these cases, we recommend you call us for a professional cleaning done the right way.

“The Best Drain Cleaning and Hydro Jetting Available in the St. Louis Metro Area”

Drain Cleaning in Saint Louis City is always safe with our pro drain technicians who are all original long time St.Louis Area Residents locally trained which is great for our drain clog customers at Able Rooter Sewer & Drain Cleaning Company.  Many drain cleaning companies are a national network and spin employees based on performance.  Booking a drain to be cleaned has never been easier for a homeowner in St. Louis or St. Louis County, Mo. who is experiencing a serious drain clog.  With a quick Call, Email or Instant message Able Rooter Drain Cleaning Company will perform the rooter service with premium well-maintained equipment. A qualified tradesman whose training & Experience will show revealing commitment to owner-operator level service cleaning sewers and unclog drains locally in the St. Louis Metro Area including St. Charles and St. Charles County.

We now host the biggest drain cleaning companies leading customer service manager/ trainer their loss is your GAIN! We now offer twice the LEVEL of drain cleaning and hydro-jetting service for the LOWEST PRICED DRAIN CLEANING COMPANY in St. Louis. As a St. Louis FAMILY OWNED company stretching from St. Louis all the way to the west coast U.S.A. We believe in St. Louis and our commitment to working with our customers in their particular situations. Our commitment is backed by advanced technology, state-level administrative & legal support and a management system that knows what it takes to operate in a transparent and secure way always keeping our customers and employees first in mind. We have shown over the last 15 years that our family is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done in a way that's fair for all. "Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far."

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Flexible Scheduling/Same Day/Night Service:

Able Rooter does not follow the traditional schedule. We offer extended service hours for our customer’s convenience. Clogged Drain appointments can be made anytime  and in case of plumbing emergencies including floods or drain clogs you can reach an experienced dispatcher, who will be on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can get you in direct contact with a technician at any time. in St.Louis or St.Louis County


Punctuality is Important to Us:

We promise to be on time for your drain clearing service appointment. anywhere in St. Louis or St. Louis County including surrounding areas.  It’s positive we have a  serviceman who can be right over to help you.  Able Rooter is proud to offer sewer & drain cleaning services to the St. Louis Metropolitan area including St. Louis County, St. Charles and St. Charles County. Before any plumbing services even start, the customer will receive an accurate quote of how much the service will cost.


We Respect Our Customers, Their Homes, and Their Property:  

We make sure that every one of our sewer and drain technicians treat your home as if it were their own.


Staff in Appropriate Uniforms:

Every one of our drain techs takes pride in their appearance and will show up to your scheduled service appointment dressed appropriately.


A Fully Hydro Jet Equipped Fleet of Vehicles:  

Every technician will arrive fully prepared for each task. Each one of their work vehicles will be fully loaded with the tools, parts, and equipment they will need to complete the job industrial snakes and in some cases extreme PSI water drain jetter.


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed:

If you are not completely satisfied with our plumbing services, we are prepared to make it right.


Locally Owned & Operated:

Most sewer and drain companies these days are large unfriendly conglomerates whereas Able Rooter is locally bred and raised off hard work and Midwestern values we know what you expect and rise every day to meet that level of quality hard work and satisfaction.


Rooter Drain Cleaning company Saint Louis, MO. & St. Louis County, MO.

Sometimes St. Louis sewer pipes just get clogged.  They don't need to be replaced, just cleaned.  Running a cable through your sewer line is popularly known as rooter service and we put the definition to the name. Able will rooter your sewer line using small, medium or large cables.  Our sewer cleaning services will leave you with drain lines that work how they're supposed to as before they were stopped up.  To have your sewer lines rootered and cleaned schedule an appointment today!


We’re so confident you’ll be pleased with our fast, friendly and professional St. Louis sewer and drain cleaning services, we know you’ll become a customer for life!

We can be on our way anywhere in Saint Louis Missouri in minutes unclogging your drain so you can get back to normal!

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