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Able Rooter vs. Drain Medics

The Truth about Able Rooter vs. Drain Medics LLC a true David and Goliath story

(A St. Louis Drain Cleaning Drama you won't even believe is possible in 2015)

"Morality and ethics are important to many people in St. Louis wanting to get their drains cleaned. We are talking about access to peoples homes here character is important.  You don't want to give just ANY OL' KIND of PEOPLE the chance to learn about you and your home."

In a nut shell we are Able Rooter Sewer & Drain Cleaning St. Louis our indemnified employees have been getting corporately bullied by members of Drain Medics llc specifically the marketing dept. apparently the son of James Mowry as stated by James himself who takes no responsibility except for obviously his signature on these documents which he cant blame his children for to the point where they have tried to assume our business name thru Drain Medics llc corporate members filing a fictitious name for "Able Rooter" like we would not find out.  The information we have collected is toxic and the story is filled with details you will only see in a Hatfield & McCoy type of novel almost boarding on unbelievable.

What is a fictitious name and why do I have to register?

A fictitious name is a name under which any person or business shall do or transact any business in this state which is other than the true name of such person or business. A fictitious name is commonly referred to as a "DBA", an acronym for "doing business as." Filiing a fictitious name registration does not afford or secure any exclusive rights to the name.

Section 417.200 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri requires anyone doing business under a name other than their true name to file a fictitious name registration with the Secretary of State's office.

Learn the Truth about what happened with Able Rooter Drain Cleaning vs. Drain Medics llc - Warning do not get your St. Louis drain cleaned until you read this

Click on the below image to see the actual signed documents by James Andrew Mowry of Drain Medics llc as you can see he needs to explain himself


Who was using the name Able Rooter first in St. Louis and how is it that you both you and Drain Medics LLC have the same name? If done as retaliation what was it that made Drain Medics LLC and established Drain Cleaning Company brand rush out and file a fictitious name statement in a whole new name?

Based on a conversation on our corporate phone lines James Mowry (as shown in the above public document) said his son got angry because he thought we were stealing elements of their free craigslist drain cleaning ad in the skilled labor section of the classified website. This prompted them to flag our ads and create alternate ads with slandering and labials remarks warning people not to do business with Able Rooter essentially trying to financially damage our business in an open forum which we printed and screen shot.

Is there something wrong with the Drain Medic llc brand that is unseen to the public that would want to make them quickly change to Able Rooter?

 Drain Medic llc is also known as we are absolutely considering them hostile toward our employees as well as our intellectual properties including Able Rooter.  After speaking with the BBB they are an unaccredited business as far as the public record.  (We do not have an accreditation either but Drain Medics has been around since at least 2010) Our accreditation will be completed in July 2015 as we regard the BBB as one of the most important resources for our customers. 

It shames us to bring these activities to light but our counsel has approved this public forum as our legally indemnified channel of communication to our customers and employees who are most concerned about the steps their company is willing to take to protect them from corporate terrorists like activity.  We have a point to prove and that is you don't bully Able Rooter and get away with it! 

As far as Drain Medics LLC goes we just want them to step off our brand the truth is we didn't even know they existed until we were informed there was an intellectual property conflict and so we investigated due to identity fraud and account theft we haven't proven anything yet but this is our fear and until they cancel their intent to claim 100% ownership of our brand and the ability to claim they are Able Rooter or affiliated we will not stop updating this public forum  with their activities in regard to us.  It is our duty to keep you informed as employees and as customers.  Sometimes people live in their world so long they forget that not everyone is going to put up with it.

We welcome Drain Medic LLC's mature response (other than my kids did it) and we will absolutely post it here  office @

Update: Oct. 31st 2014

As the days have passed we have given up on Drain Medics llc operating with any sort of integrity towards our brand.  Our advertisements continue to get flagged daily and the 75$ Drain Cleaning Guys continue to harass our employees and continue to maintain legal documents confusing the public as to their true identity all the while evading honesty in any form.  This is a case of more than LLC's scrapping it out this is a matter of integrity and the destruction of our community with people raising children with no regard for morality is absolutely disgusting to be subject to day in and day out we are so tired of having to watch our employees suffer at the hands of these criminals it's shameful. 

Update: Nov. 15th 2014

After waiting for months for some closure on this issue it's very apparent that Drain Medics llc rather just play dumb than face responsibility.  I'm not sure how others think about letting a St. Louis Drain Cleaner of this caliber into their homes to fix clogged drains and be exposed to your family but I WOULD NOT.  These people would rather Lie Cheat and blame their children than to just simply do the right thing.  To admit you made a mistake and to move on is something that escapes an organization with ZERO integrity.  It's business culture like this that erode what made St. Louis Drain Cleaning a good industry in the first place.

Drain Medics llc has re-done their ads to look exactly like ours with a little plumber trying to again erode our brand of St. Louis Drain Cleaning but they cannot.  For the very fact that they changed anything reinforces the fact that these sad copies of the greatest drain cleaning company to rise in the St. Louis Area are truly nothing compared to an honest hard working company like Able Rooter Drain Cleaning St. Louis.  The funny thing is we called them personally and let them know what we were going to do.  They just pretend we are not doubling our sales every month and slowly rewriting the book on St. Louis Drain Cleaning Services.  If you are an ex-employee of Drain Medics llc call us we would like to talk to you.

Update: Aug. 1st 2014

In doing our regular business we have presently over a handful of people who believe 100% that this company should be shut down due to fraud and white collar crime.  If you study the patterns of their methodology it does not take a genius to understand their racket.  I'm highly shocked people are still allowing this organization access to their homes as you can see from the information presented on this page the true nature of Drain Medics LLC in how they have treated our indemnified employees who will swear under oath the fear they have had to endure due to the actions of Drain Medics llc and it's employees.  Morality and ethics are important to many people in St. Louis wanting to get their drains cleaned. We talking about access to peoples homes here character is important. It's a shame so many people will never see what their work looks like because they cant get passed their ethics. 

Update: Aug. 18th 2016

It's shocking that this corrupt company is still at it's old tactics. They have failed to redact their fraudulent use of our companies brand identity and have again started to harass and threaten our employees. It's absolutely despicable how Drain Medics llc is putting our employees in a position to feel fear and intimidation while just simply trying to earn a living. In the past two years, we have received over 200 5 star reviews in and around St. louis Mo., which is AMAZING however today we received and ultimatum from James Mowery of threats that he will use his customers to extort 5 star reviews for a $5 dollar discount and ask that his customers leave our company FAKE REVIEWS saying that we are not a good company. This is illegal and aginst the law but apparently Mr.Mowery of drain medics feels that is his right to treat people as if they are not smarter than that. If you are considering using Drain Medics llc please think long and hard about the morality of their owner.

Drain Medics Warning  Drain Medics Warning St.Louis

Pictured are the threats we received today from James Mowery of Drain Medics llc stating that he will pay his customers for reviews including leaving fake reviews for Able Rooter Drain Cleaning Company

...Also thank you for your honesty and support  it is truly amazing how many people have read this and allowed us to earn their business in a transparent and honest way! 

Able Rooter St. Louis
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